User Prepared Library


- Consultation is required for this service.

- We require 15 ul of prepared library at a concentration of 5 nM. The best buffer to ​store and submit libraries is 10 mM Tris​/0.01% Tween-20 ph 8.0 or 8.4​ .

To convert ng/μl DNA concentration to nM - Quantitation should be done by fluorometry
[nM DNA] = DNA concentration (ng/μl) x 1e6 (μl/L) / (Sample fragment size in bp x 656.4 (g/mole))

- the DNA insert size(s) should not exceed 700 bp. Illumina adapters add about 120 bases to the fragment length as observed on the Bioanalyzer.

- If the libraries are multiplexed, please include the list of the index barcodes used.

- Upon receipt, we will confirm the library concentration using a combination of Qubit, Bioanalyzer analysis, and Kapa qPCR Library Quantatiation.

- After sequencing is complete, the Genomics Core will store your library for a period of six months and then discard it. Please make arrangements with the Genomics Core to have your materials returned.

Instructions for naming your samples 

  • Submit samples in 1.5 ml low-bind tubes, labeled clearly with submission date and sample identifier.
  • Name samples with a 4 letter and 4 digit number identifier. For example: George Maggiano is gema0001.
  • If you have submitted samples to the Genomics Core in the past, continue using sequentially numbered samples.