BioNano Optical Genome Mapping

For Human, Animal, Plants and Microbial Genomes


The BioNano Irys System is an automated, high-resolution single-molecule imager to analyze linearized single DNA molecules in IrysChip nanochannel arrays. The BioNano Irys System provides sequence information over extremely long “reads” ranging from hundreds of kilobases to a megabase, where the sample’s valuable structural information is preserved. As a result, Irys technology delivers reproducible and insightful single-molecule data to generate genome maps that cannot currently be detected by other methods. Irys Genome Maps are an ideal complement to sequencing experiments to increase the quality of the results and to elucidate complicated rearrangement events, complex repetitive regions, and scaffold and assembly validation. Photo of Bionano Irys instrument

 If you are interested in the IRYS System, please consult us first for sample requirements, experimental design, and data analysis.



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