Gel Based Size Selection


Sage Science BluePippin




The BluePippin is a preparative electrophoresis platform that separates and extracts DNA fragments. Using pre-cast gel cassettes, DNA is automatically collected in buffer according to software-input size ranges. The BluePippin features pulsed-field electrophoresis capabilities that enable accurate collection of kilobase-sized fragments. Cassettes are available for DNA size selections between 50 bp and 50 kb.

Please also see the BluePippin cassette reference chart from SageScience For each sample to be analyzed, please provide a minimum of 1µg (up to 10 µg) in a clearly labeled 1.5 ml tube. Bring sample volume to 30 µl in standard buffers (e.g., TE, EB).


BluePippin DNA cassette size selection options:

% Agarose Gel Cassette  Target Fragment Range 
3% Agarose  90bp - 200 bp 
2% Agarose  100 bp - 600 bp 
1.5% Agarose  250 bp - 1.5 Kb 
0.75% Agarose  1 Kb - 50 Kb